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In Next the same skinny jeans varied in waist size from colour to colour, even though both pairs were labelled as size 12. The blue skinny jeans measured 38cm across the back waistband. However, the black skinnies measured 41cm – a 3cm difference in the same style jean. Size 12 skinny jeans from Next - 38cm and 41cm Why these River Island and New Look jeans have caused a viral clothes size debate Grey size 12 skinny jeans in New Look measured just 35cm across the back waist band from left to right – this was a staggering 6cm smaller than a similar pair of size 12 skinnies from Next. In fact, they were 1.5cm smaller than a size 6 pair of skinnies in Next. And yet the black skinny jeans in New Look in a size 12 came measured 36.5cm across the waistband, showing the sizes vary within the store too. Size 12 skinny jeans from New Look - 36.5cm and 35cm Skinny jeans in the Tu range at Sainsbury’s seemed to be a fairly standard size. A blue size 12 pair measured 39.5cm across the back waistband, making them around 1.5cm smaller than the size 12 Next ones and 4.5cm bigger than the size 12 New Look ones. Tu size 12 skinny jeans from Sainsbury's - 39.5cm The size 12 skinny jeans in the F+F range varied greatly between colour and style.

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