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Giving key trend pieces the '90s treatment, Pull&Bear's new collection features dresses from £29.99 and shorts £22.99. The range is full of distressed denim, comfortable but chic jersey dresses and edgy outerwear.  Pull&Bear's clothing is much more casual than Zara's and includes youthful garments like this long sleeveless dress, which costs £17.99 Oysho is also owned by the umbrella company but focuses just on lingerie, beach and swimwear lines (Paisley print dress, £39.99) Oysho is owned by the same group but focuses solely on lingerie and swimwear - but with the new underwear as outerwear trend, you can certainly get away with donning one of its glamorous cover-ups on a night out.  Created in 2001, Oysho's lingerie, beach and swimwear lines channel a trend-led philosophy that's young, fun and feminine. Asos, which stocks the line, says shoppers will fall in love with its lingerie sets, laid-back loungewear and sugar-sweet swimwear. Created in 2001, Oysho's beachwear is young, fun and feminine (short embroidered crepe jumpsuit, £39.99) Stradivarius targets a customer below the age of 35 and its collection is full of colourful print dresses and Zara-esque separates (left: Long low-cut dress, £29.99. Right: Striped poplin dress, £19.99) Stradivarius is also part of the same group, and specifically aimed at women under 35. In its mission statement on its website, it says: 'We are fully aware that what makes our customers happy today may not be what they want tomorrow, which is why we are constantly hunting down the latest trends to come up with the perfect looks for every occasion.' Massimo Dutti, which has a higher price point than the other brands, promises to always use high quality fabrics that are also practical and comfortable (raincoat: £69.95) Massimo Dutti was incorporated to the group in 1991, and stocks the most expensive and luxurious clothes of all those under the fashion umbrella. The store says its collection epitomises 'elegant and universal' style for independent, cosmopolitan men and women of today. The shop promises that it uses the highest quality fabrics that are also practical and comfortable. Bershka was set up in 1998 as an innovative fashion retail concept which targets the youngest hipsters in the market. There are 1,081 Bershka stores and the brand currently operates in 75 markets.

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