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Pointing ones feet at another person is considered to be extremely disrespectful, while bowing at someones feet is a mark of veneration. When you have your foot not just pointing to but touching a god on footwear, its a double-whammy, Narayanan said. Even the most liberal Hindus that I know would find (this) particularly jarring. Its not that Hindus categorically reject the use of religious images on artistic or commercial products. In India, for example, images of Lakshmi are commonly used to sell lottery tickets. In another well-known advertisement, Hanuman, a monkey-faced deity known in Hindu mythology as an efficient, swift emissary, promises fast delivery for ABT Parcel Service, a transportation and post service in south India. Context shapes whether something is a misappropriation or appropriation or appreciation, said Suhag Shukla, executive director of the Hindu American Foundation, an advocacy group for Hindu Americans. Someone whos doing it out of appreciation or reverence would never put it on a toilet. That automatically becomes the filter, she said. Most of the time, when Zed reaches out to companies to ask them to stop selling an item or displaying an advertisement, he said, they apologize and comply. Its ignorance, basically, Zed said. People dont know our traditions and our deities. *** Indians are a relatively new immigrant group in the U.S., with many having arrived after immigration laws changed in 1965 to abolish national-origins quotas and establish a preference for skilled workers and families.

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